PDF view tracking

Share your PDF as a link and track how many times it's viewed

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Upload your PDF and get a link to share. 100% free!

Want to see if someone views your PDF and how many times it's been viewed?

We make that easy to do. Upload your PDF to get a share link.

When someone opens the PDF link, the view count goes up. It's that simple!

It's 100% free and easy to use so give it a try and let us know what you think!

Host your PDF and share it as a link

Upload a PDF and share it as a link that you can update without needing to share again

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Embed a PDF on your website

Embed a PDF on your site so people can view it without downloading it or opening a link

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Share your PDF with a QR code

Share your PDF as a QR code to make it easy for people to view your PDF

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Track PDF views

Track how many times your PDF has been viewed

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Password protect your PDF

Add a password to your PDF and secure it by restricting downloads (coming soon)

(Coming soon)

Share your PDF as a flipbook

When you want to share your PDF with more style, we'll make it easy (coming soon)

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